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Republican county commissioner, elected in 1905, a leading citizen of Windsor Township,
was born July 02, 1847, on a small farm now owned  By M.B. Spahr, of York.
Mr. Holtzinger comes of a family long identified with York county, being a grandson of
John and Barbara (Wolf) Holtzinger, who were of German extraction, but natives of
Pennsylvania. John Holtzinger was a shoemaker by trade, and followed that calling
principally during his active years, living in the neighborhood of Stonybrook, a short
distance east of York, where he died about 1844. Of his large family of children, we
have the names of John, George, Jacob, Daniel, Benjamin, Nancy, Catherine, Elizabeth,
Susan, and Mary.
George Holtzinger, father of George W. , was born in York county, and recieved his
education in the subscription schools in vouge her during his boyhood. He learned
shoemaking from his father, and worked at that trade, and also aquired a knowlege of
lime burning, at which he was engaged for about five years. Turning his attention to
agricultural pursuits, he devoted his energies to same during the remainder of his
active years. He had purchased the farm in windsor township now owned by M.B. Spahr, and
later selling that place and bought the one in the same township now owned by M.P. Smith.
Here he passed his remaining years, and died at the age of 64.
He was a member of the Winebrennerian church, Mr. Holtzinger married (first)  Elizabeth
Heindel, by whom he had six children namely; Lydia, Catherine, Elizabeth, Rebecca, Mary,
and Susan. The mother of these was a member of the Reformed Church. After her death Mr.
Holtzinger married Susannah Stauffer, a native of York county, who died in 1879, at the
age of 60 years. She was a Mennonite in religious faith. To this union were born four
children: George W. , David S., John, and Sarah, of whom the last died in infancy.
George W. Holtzinger obtained his education in the public schools of his native township
and at select school. When he reached the age of 19 he received a certificate and engaged
in teaching for a period of three years.  In the meantime he learned the carpenters
trade, following that occupation during the summer months. He engaged in the cigar
manufacturing business where the villiage of Holtz is now situated, at that place and at
branch cigar factories employing about 40 workmen. He continued in this business until
1902, meantime aquiring other interests in the locality. About 1895 he embarked in the
mechantile business at the old Sechrist stand in Holtz, carring on the store
successfully for years. During the harrison administration a post office was established
at Holtz, and Mr. Holtzinger served 4 years as Postmaster, having the office in his
store. Since 1902, he abandoned the manufacture of cigars, Mr. Holtzinger has given his
attention to farming, to his duties as Secretery of the Western and Mutual Fire
Insurance Company of York County, and to selling commercial fertilizers. He owns the
homestead farm of 24 acres, and the Sechrist property containing 36 acres, and what was
the Slenker farm of 136 acres. These farms are cutivated by his sons, John, Henry, and
David. His other son, Moses conducts the merchandizing business at Holtz. Mr. Holtzinger
became a director of the Drovers and Mechanics National Bank at York on its organization,
in 1882, and has continued as such ever since. The Red Lion Canning Company, of which he
is president, was organized in 1905. He has taken an active interest in public affairs,
advocating the polocies and principles of the republican party. He served three years as
jury commissioner, to which office he was elected in 1876, and in 1905 he was nominated
and elected one of the commissioners of York county. He entered upon the duties of that
responible position in January, 1906, for which his many years of successful business
experience have thoroughly fitted him.
In 1869 Mr. Holtzinger was married to Anna Elizabeth Keller, daughter of John and Eliza
Keller, represenative farming people of Lower Windsor township, and 14 children were
born to this union, five of whom died in infancy, and 8 survive: Emma, who became wife
to H.A. Kinard, having died in 1903, leaving  3 children, Carrie, Norman, and Paul. The
survivors are:  John C., who married Ellen Paules, and has 3 children, Carrie, Mabel,
and Charles D.;  Henry, who operates a gristmill and feedmill run by water power, who
married Annie Slenker and has one child Grace Irene, who is now (1905) twenty years old,
five feet five inches tall, and weighs 142 pounds; Moses, who married Mary E. Smith, and
has one child Thomas; David, who married Cora Sechrist, and has one child, Stewart; Mary
M., who married Irvin Paules, and has 2 children, Sterling and Orie; and Cora, George
Ivan, and Elsie, who are unmarried. Mr. And Mrs. Holtzinger are members of the Lutheran

Holtz the villiage in Windsor township is named in honor of George Washington Holtzinger.

Copyright 2007 Arthur S. Holtzinger Jr.